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Hiring Hall Rules

In order to be dispatched from the Local 25 Hiring Hall you must adhere to the following rules:


  • You must be registered on the Out of Work List
  • You must register every 60 days to remain current on the Out of Work List
  • If you fail to regregister after 60 days, your name will be automatically dropped from the Out of Work List
  • If you refuse a job, your name will be placed at the bottom of the Out of Work List


It is of the utmost importance that Local 25's Hiring Hall has your correct telephone number, cell phone number and/or pager number. Without your correct phone numbers you cannot be contacted and dispatched to the job site.


Click here for Change of Address Form


Out of Work Registration


Millstone NJ Registration
Devin Shereshevsky

(732) 446-6262


Tampa FL Registration

Lindsay Abell

(813) 265-0410


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