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Local 25 Marine Division Benefit Plans

Plans Office

461 Hwy. 33

Millstone Township, NJ 08535

(800) 548-6662


Plans Administrator

Larry Schleyer




Greetings from the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 25 Benefit Funds. These Funds fall under the jurisdiction of the Taft- Hartley Act of 1947, which allows employers to contribute money into a Joint Trust Fund for the purpose of providing benefits to the members of this Union and their dependents.

From the Medical Plan that was established in 1960, this is a self insured, self  administered Plan that has a comprehensive schedule of benefits: to the Vacation Plan that was established in 1963 that allows members to accrue hours towards a Vacation benefit depending upon years of service and the Annuity Plan that was established in 1990 and with a 401(K) feature that was added on January 1, 2007 that provides a participant directed Supplemental Retirement Plan. These Funds do their best to serve each and every Local 25 member and their families.

As your Administrator, I strive on a daily basis to make sure that these Funds are managed in the utmost professional and appropriate way possible for your security well-being and every day needs. My staff and I are readily available to answer your questions or concerns. Additionally, I work with the Board of Trustees of each Fund. The Board consists of three Union Trustees and three Employer Trustees along with their alternates who act in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration of Trust for each Fund.

Over the past 38 years it has been my pleasure to serve our members and their families.


Larry Schleyer




How do you earn vacation benefits?

You can earn vacation benefits by working for companies which have a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Union. These companies are obliged to make contributions to the vacation Plan which is the basis for the employee accumulating vacation benefits. This employment is called covered employment

How do you qualify for vacation benefits?

If you are an employee of an established employer, you must work at least 500 hours in covered employment during a fiscal year before you qualify for benefits. The Plans fiscal year is the period between any October 1 and September 30. If you work less than 500 hours during a fiscal year, you are not eligible for any vacation benefits, and you may not carry the hours over into the next fiscal year.

Program of Benefits

  • The benefit for an employee who has been employed in covered employment for less than 5 years shall be 48 hours.
  • The benefit for an employee who has been employed in covered employment for at least five years but less than ten years shall be 144 hours.
  • The benefit for an employee who has been employed in covered employment for at least ten years but less than fifteen years shall be 220 hours.
  • The benefit for an employee who has been employed in covered employment for at least fifteen years but less than twenty years shall be 236 hours.
  • The benefit for an employee who has been employed in covered employment for at least twenty or more years shall be 296 hours.

New Participants Who Began Participating In the Plan on or After October, 1, 2005

All new Plan participants who have worked for the First time with a signatory company on or after October 1, 2005 will be required to work a minimum of 1000 hours in covered employment in a fiscal year before they qualify for Vacation Plan benefits. The Plan's fiscal year is from October 1, 2005 to September 30, 2006. Their initial benefit will be 48 hours of vacation pay based on 2000 hours worked

 View our Vacation Plan files:   Vacation Plan kkApplication for Vacation Pay

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Network and Non-Network Benefits

One important aspect of the Plan is the use of a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). The Plan has contracted with the MultiPlan Network and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to make available a network of physicians, hospitals and healthcare providers at a reduced cost to you and the Plan. The Plan has also contracted with Caremark to manage the Plan's prescription drug program. Essentially, these providers (or any other network the Plan may retain in the future) agree to accept the reduced fees agreed upon with the network as payment in full for Covered Services. You are responsible for a share of the agreed-upon network fee or allowance, generally called your co-payment. The Plan pays the rest subject to any special limitations on the type of service as described herein.

The arrangements between the Plan and the PPOs are flexible, meaning that there is no requirement that you go to a specific hospital, health care provider or pharmacy. You still may choose your hospital, health care provider or pharmacy at the time you receive care. However, as described in more detail below, you will save a significant amount of money if the hospital, health care provider or pharmacy you use participates in the applicable PPO.

In most cases, as described below, if you use network providers you will not pay a deductible, and the cost will be covered with the exception of a nominal co-payment subject to specific benefit limits described below. If you use non-network medical providers, there is a $150 annual deductible applicable to each covered person, and then the Plan pays 80% of Reasonable and Customary charges for the Covered Services provided, subject to specific benefit limitations described herein& You are responsible for the rest of the provider's bill. Where applicable, the deductible is charge annually for you and each of your Eligible Dependents, except that if any of you have medical expenses that count toward the deductible in the last three months of a calendar year, the amount payable in those months will also count toward that person's deductible for the following calendar year.

You will receive a Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield ID card, a MultiPlan ID card and a Caremark prescription ID card. The Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield card is for the hospitals only; the MultiPlan card is for medical providers such as doctors, radiologists, labs, diagnostic centers and other similar providers; the Caremark prescription card is for retail pharmacies and the Mail Service Program for maintenance medication.

You will receive directories for the networks to assist you in locating network providers in your area. Although the directories are updated periodically, please contact MultiPlan for up-to-date information if you want to locate a physician and to confirm that a medical provider or facility participates in the MultiPlan network. You should contact Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey if you want to confirm, whether a hospital is in the network. You should also contact Caremark to confirm whether your pharmacy is participating in the network. Use the toll-free numbers on your ID cards. You may also access Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield's provider directory online at www.bcbsnj.com (click on "Provider Directory" at the top of the page). MultiPlan's directory is also available online, at:http://www.multiplan.com/patients/.


$25.00 PER VISIT

Effective November 1, 2004, in addition to your current plan of benefits, you will have the choice of saving healthcare dollars by using the MultiPlan® Network. When you visit a Network doctor you will pay $25.00 per visit whether or not you have satisfied your annual Major-Medical deductible.


If you use MultiPlan® Network Labs and diagnostic facilities, your costs are covered in full whether or not you have satisfied your annual Major-Medical deductible.


The Local 25 Medical Plan Benefits Program remain the same. If you choose not to use the MultiPlan® Network doctors and labs, you are responsible for the annual $150.00 deductible, 20% co-insurance, and any other charges above the Fund allowances. Whether or not you use the Network, the same limitations and exclusions apply. (Review your Summary Plan Description Booklet).


You may choose whether to use the MultiPlan® Network or "Out-of-Network" Providers each time you go to the doctor. However, you will save money by choosing a Network Provider. For Example: the Funds maximum allowance for an initial specialist consultation is $200 paid at 80% ($160). If you visit an out-of-Network specialist and are charged $200 you will be reimbursed $160, after your deductible is satisfied. You will be responsible for the difference of $40. If you go to a Network specialist, YOU PAY ONLY $25.00.

You and your eligible dependents now have the opportunity to save your healthcare dollars by choosing a doctor from the MultiPlan® Network. By using the Network, you will pay only $25 an office visit. If the doctors refer you for further tests or to another doctor, remember to ask him/her to use the Network if possible. Make sure to bring your identification card with you when you visit the doctor.


 View our Medical Plan files: Medical Plan     Plan Modifications     Allied Trades Assistance Life Insurance kk Medical Claims Form

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The Annuity Plan is funded by Employer contributions on behalf of the employee. Members may also opt to contribute to the 401K plan in conjunction with the annuity plan via payroll deductions at a percentage rate set by the employee.

The Annuity Plan funds are now invested through Prudential and are member managed.

View our Annuity Plan files:     Annuity Plan

Participant Salary Deferral Contribution Form 401-k

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IUOE Central Pension Fund Office

 (202) 362-1000

The IUOE Local 25 Pension Plan merged with the IUOE Central Pension Fund on February 1st, 2002.

For more information about pension benefits, please visit the Central Pension Fund Website: www.cpfiuoe.org

 View our Pension Plan files:     Pension Information

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