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Welcome to the web-site of International Union of Operating Engineers Local #25 Marine Division. Whether you are a Company seeking a skilled labor-force, workers looking for representation, individuals in search of employment opportunities, a current member, pensioner or are just interested in learning more about us, we hope you will find this site informative.

For more than 50-years we have sought to provide our members with a safe workplace, fair wages, competitive benefits, skills training, and job security through negotiated labor contracts. As the only International Union of Operating Engineers dedicated Marine Division, we are proud to represent such a highly skilled workforce.

Local #25's chartership from our International is for the purpose of Dredging. Our Local's area of jurisdictional coverage comprises seventeen U.S. States, which encompass the U.S. East and Gulf Coast shorelines as well as the lower Mississippi River regional area States. Local #25 has 32 signatory contractors throughout its jurisdictional area of coverage. We currently maintain a membership base of about 1300 active members.

The majority all of our labor performs operations contracted directly from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other Federal or State Agencies. Ninety-percent of our contracted labor comprises various types of dredging processes and beach replenishment operations. The remaining ten-percent encompasses other maritime industry related operations, such as: Shipyard Workers, Towing, Offshore Aggregate Mining, Offshore Oyster-shell Mining, Offshore Drilling & Blasting for the purpose of Navigational Dredging, Offshore Pipeline & Cable Crossing, Offshore Windmill, Ferryboats, and certain other types of Marine Construction operations.

Although Dredging operations are mainly for deepening and widening of ship channels, harbors, bays, and rivers for the purpose of navigation - we also perform other types of dredging operations for various types of non-navigational projects, such as beach replenishment, HAZMAT Remediation, and habitat restoration.

Local 25 is committed to providing "qualified labor" to our signatory contractors through a cooperative effort of our IUOE Local 25 Joint Union/Employer Union Based Training Program. Additionally our signatory contractors perform supplementary employer based safety training. This means we collectively strive to meet industry safety training standards in accordance with applicable federal and state regulations for those specific hazards associated with dredging or any other maritime project. In fact, our training was designed to exceed specific training that is mandated by regulatory requirements. Upon successful completion of our safety training, our members know how to apply what they have learned, whereas they will recognize workplace hazards, protect themselves and their follow crewmembers from all potential and existing hazards, and report any such safety issues and/or concerns to the designated company representative. Since all dredge crews are protected under the seamen status, our combined experience and training initiatives provide the contractor with reduced exposure to unwanted liability under the provision of the Jones Act.

Some of the credentials are obtained by meeting sea-service requirements and successfully passing comprehensive training and examinations through the U.S. Coast Guard, while the Union, Company, or third party training provider issues other credentials.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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